Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Honor Of 7

Happy National Sibling Day! 

In honor of this day, I'm sharing a little about each of my 7 amazing brothers and sisters. 
This is my older brother, Tyler, with his wife Natalie. They have been married 5 years and live in California. When Tyler was 16 years old, he got in a terrible motorcycle accident that changed his personality, his life, and in the beginning left him paraplegic. Throughout his recovery, he stayed positive and determined. Although he has physical limitations, he doesn't let them get him down. He is sweet (like super sweet), kind, quick to smile, and when he's around, I can often hear him laughing. He loves biking, frisbee golf, and playing cards. He is quick to offer help when help is needed. Tyler, is one of my heroes. 
Jordan is the brother just under me. This is one of his and his fiance's engagement pictures. They're getting married June 8th in the Oakland temple. When Tyler, Jordan, and I were young, Tyler and I would pick on Jordan. The three of us shared a room and at night, after lights out, when we were supposed to be in bed, we'd tell Jordan to get up and turn the light on so he could shoot hoops on our mini basketball hoop. He'd do it without question. My dad would come in shortly after, scold and spank him, then put him back to bed. Tyler and I would muffle our laughs in our pillows until Dad was gone. Then we'd start all over again. Gosh we were mean. Sweet little Jordan just wanted to please his big brother and sister. He is still as sweet today and has an infectious personality who everyone wants to be around. He is thoughtful and is one of my only siblings who actually calls me. He is a hard worker, good with his hands, and is great at problem solving. He, to my great delight, is moving to NC next month. We're practically neighbors now. :) 
Spencer got married last July to Tiffany, and they live in Idaho where they attend BYUI. Spencer is the athlete of the family. He is fit, tall, and loves and is great at basketball. He played high school and college ball and because I still lived at home, I got to attend almost all of his high school games. I absolutely loved it. The first time I saw him dunk I stood up and cheered my little heart out. Yep, that was my little brother. Spence is also an avid fisherman. Once when we were camping he caught 21 fish and I caught 0. Spence has a goofy personality and I remember him making funny faces and a lot of loud, strange sounds when I lived at home. He eats more than I've ever seen anyone else eat, and whenever I eat spaghetti O's or tigers milk bars, I think of him. 
October, 2012, my sweet sister, Janae, was married to Cody Squires. They too, are attending BYUI, and are expecting their first baby (a little girl) in August. Janae is the creative member of our family. She's a beautiful artist (a talent I know nothing about), and can turn something ugly into something beautiful. While she was on her honeymoon I cleaned out her bedroom. It was filled with tons of little crafts she'd made with her personality written all over them. She also has a love of flowers and can make a gorgeous bouquet. Janae is quiet and reserved with most people but around our family she is outgoing and goofy. She has always had a special place in her heart for my dad and would willingly help him in the yard without being asked. Janae is a strong woman and has never faltered in her gospel standards. I admire and look up to her. 
Julia is the firecracker of our family. She adds spice to all of our lives. :) She is the 6th child and knows how to hold her own. I've never fought a lot with my siblings, but when it comes to Jill and I, its been a different story. Probably because we're most alike. Thank heavens, it isn't that way anymore. Now, she's one of the siblings I'm closest to. Jill is smart, ambitious, and knows what she wants from life. Although she has a tough exterior, her heart is tender and richer than gold. She came out to visit 2 summers ago and spent a month with Brandon and I. We went to the beach often, shopped, went camping, and did anything else fun we could think of. I adore her and loved having her here. I'm hoping I can steel her for a couple more weeks this summer and maybe one day, if I'm super lucky, we can live close to each other.  
Aunt Moe Moe (Melissa) is 17 and becoming a gorgeous young woman. Mel has always been the very sweetest member of our family, in my opinion. When I was living at home and still to this day, she always does anything I ask. She is eager to serve and doesn't hesitate. Mel loves to read (a girl after my own heart), and is a night owl. She stays up late into the wee hours with her nose in a book. Mel is a great auntie, very sweet with the boys, and will do anything to make them happy. Mel is the most innocent 17 year old I've known and radiates a childlike quality of pure goodness. She is unworldly, trusting, and quick to see only the positive in others.   
Ryan. My sweet baby brother. I adore this kid. I guess it's because he's the baby of the family. When he was little I'd hold him down and kiss him over and over. In my eyes, he can't do anything wrong. Since I've been out of the house for quite some time, I haven't gotten to see Ryan grow from child, to teenager, so it's always a little shocking to see how big he is and to hear how grown up he's sounding when I go home. This kid is naturally good at sports. He can dominate a game of basketball or frisbee golf even with his big brothers. He loves to tease us all but is sweet and loving with my boys. Ryan will always have a special place in my heart. :) 
I'm not sure when the first half of the picture was taken but the second half was taken in August 2011. I was 7 months pregnant.

My entire family July 2012

I adore my family.

They melt my heart. 


  1. That was so fun to read! It was fun learning a little bit about your siblings. I don't really know much about any of them. Haha, now that I think about it though, Tyler took me out on a date or two before I got baptized, lol. Anyway, you have the sweetest family and I wish I would have been able to get to know you all more when we lived in Cali.

  2. oh my heavens you have a family of gold! i loved this post and am thinking that i should probably copy you. i'm sure if your siblings posted about you they would have many, many wonderful things to say! (;

  3. i loved this post whitney, what a treat to read! you guys are such a rad, close knit, sweet family and i am sure you are all going to be raising up another generation of wonderful children! so cool that jordan is moving to nc (well cool for you, maybe not for your parents!) and i am so excited for janae and for your whole family that you are adding another sweet baby to the mix. also, i love following julia on instagram; she has the cutest style and seems so fun and frisky. i send my love to all of you!

  4. LOVE this , Whitney, and LOVE you!!

  5. So Sweet! Grateful you are part of our family which makes them part of our family too!

  6. I adore your family too, aaand I barely know them ;) But I'm serious about a multi-in-law camp out some time! Wouldn't that be fun?

  7. You are so sweet, this made me tear up a little!

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