Sunday, October 12, 2014

Praying For Twins

Throughout my life, I always wanted twins. I would notice moms with twins, and wish that someday, I could be that mom. So, months before Brandon and I decided to start our family, I started praying for twins. I told Heavenly Father I would love to be a mom of twins, I was pretty sure I could handle it, I would love them to heaven and back, and if he agreed with me, I was the mama for the job.

I added that to my prayers for several weeks, but as time went by, I thought about it less, and my prayers filled up with other concerns, questions, and dreams.

It didn't take long for us to find out I was expecting and when my 12 week appointment finally arrived, I was anxious to see the tiny baby my body was creating. They started with a vaginal ultrasound where we saw Christian for the first time. His little body was flipping around and I couldn't feel a thing. It was strange yet magical all at once. My healthy baby was growing fine. The abdominal ultrasound was next. As the ultrasound tech was applying jell to my tummy, Brandon asked why they do a vaginal and abdominal ultrasound. As the tech placed the doppler on my stomach, she began to explain but then suddenly took a sharp breath in and said, "This is why. You guys are having twins!" Cheers of jubilation filled the room as we began to celebrate. How could this be?!  Tears ran down my cheeks as my heart filled with shock, ah, and gratitude.

The first year and a half of Christian and Connor's life was one of the hardest times in my life. With a diagnosis of Congenital Glaucoma which lead to 5 surgeries in the first year alone, plus many doctor appointments, eye exams, and little time spent outside, I felt discouraged by their condition and overwhelmed with what lie ahead.

What had I gotten myself into?!

I didn't know the amount of damage to C & C's eyes, if I'd be able to open my blinds again, or whether they would ever be happy outside. Envy filled my heart as I looked at pictures posted by mom's whose kids were playing in the sprinklers, splashing in the pool, sliding at the park, running in the grass, and exploring the outdoors. The sun that I adored so much was turning into my nemesis. Somedays I would hold my screaming babies in my arms, with their hands over their eyes, and remind myself why I prayed for twins in the first place.

Thankfully, life has seasons and that one is now behind me. Their eyes have gotten better and our time spent outside has increased substantially. There are still many challenges to having two 3 year olds (plus a 9 month old), but I wouldn't change it for the world. Their personalities and enthusiasm for life is infectious. They bring me an unmeasurable amount of joy, and a deep feeling of meaning to my life. I feel incredibly blessed Heavenly Father agreed that I was up for the task, and trusted me with two of the sweetest little people I could imagine.

On October 7th, my boys turned three. So, we did what we do best and filled the day with adventure and fun (originally I was planning on beginning potty training that day, but that didn't work out and good thing too because how lame is that?! potty training on their bday. Never. (Am I looking for any reason to further procrastinate that? Yes.))

^^Holy Fork Farm^^
^^The boys wanted to take the whole pumpkin patch home with us.^^
^^Riding their new scooters at Kidsburg^^
^^We took the kids to Friendly's for their birthday dessert. It was adorable to watch their faces when the waiters brought out their chocolate sundaes while singing.^^

Happy 3rd birthday to the boys that rule my world. Xoxoxo


  1. Oh I love this. Love what you had to say about seasons in our life. Hard to remember when you're in the middle of something hard but those times do pass! Your boys are such handsome dudes!!

  2. This is great! I loved reading the whole story, prayers and challenges and now the sweet rewards. Thanks for the reminder about seasons. That is good to keep in mind!

  3. oh my heavens- I never, ever would have thought that there was someone else out there who prayed for twins! i pray for twins every day and i'm not even married!! (: it's been my dream since I was really young, i have always been obsessed with twins and exactly like you wrote- prayed to Heavenly Father and tell him I can do it! my fam's inside joke it to feed me yams bc legend has it that eating yams helps you have twins (: i love learning how alike we are! loved this post- you're a wonderful mama and your kids are very blessed! oh, and adorable!!

    1. Oh my goodness!! Lol that is awesome! I hope so so much you get your wish. Maybe I'll start praying for you too. :) Ps.. I feel like we should be neighbors someday.. :)

  4. awwwwww!!! make me cry why don't ya.. Love love. double the trouble, double the fun and in your case the cuteness!!! those boys are studs!! and I love that sweeet babe!!! xoxoxo love you all

  5. LOVE this post! LOVE those twinners!!!

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