Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To: Our Dad

Happy birthday Pops! 
Thanks for being such an admirable dad. I feel so lucky to be blessed with a dad as talented and hard working as you are. I'm truly blessed to be as close as I am to you. Thanks for being "my partner in crime" and we will change the world through our awesome inventions. I love you and am glad that you're my dad.

Love, Tyler

Dear Dad,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, but as I sit here I can't seem to put thoughts into words. I have this overwhelming feeling of admiration and love for you but writing it out doesn't seem possible. Let me start by telling you all I love about you. You are righteous and good. You are a worthy priesthood holder who studies the gospel daily. You are the hardest working man I've ever known and can accomplish anything even if it means you have to whip out "packing dad" to get the job done. ;) You serve your family, those you work with, and those at church any chance you get. You never complain about rough circumstances. You are happy and friendly to everyone you meet. You love adventure and have taught me to love it too. You're a dreamer. These are qualities of a hero. A quiet hero who isn't seeking for praise. Dad, you are my hero. I love and admire you more than you will ever know. Thank you for the thousands and thousands of hours you've sacrificed for me. Thanks for teaching me how to be good. Thanks for teaching me how to work. Thanks for teaching me about the Savior through your example. Happy Birthday.
Love, whit

Hey Dad,
Happy Birthday/Anniversary! 30 years is an accomplishment in this day and time.  Not a lot of couples accomplish that today.  You and Mom are the poster child for married couples. Seriously AWESOME!  So I know this is going on the blog and all but I want you to know that I love you and that I appreciate everything you’ve taught me in my life.  Most everything I do I can attribute to what you and Mom have taught me.  Plus, I just cut my hair really short and I am looking more and more like you as the years go on.  That’s the only scary part.  But seriously, you two are the greatest parents a child could ask for.  You created a perfect home to grow up in and a perfect place to bring the grandkids.  You are a spiritual giant and someone I try to be.  You are easy to talk to, fun to be around and always teaching me something new.  You have taught me how to enjoy life no matter your circumstance and how much you have.  You are a blessing to me and everyone else, I’m sure of it.
Thanks Dad. I love you!

To the best father ever!
Happy birthday old man! I hope you have a wonderful day! Whit asked me to write this up like two weeks ago and I have been putting it off for a good amount of time, but I have been thinking about what I might say. I just wanted  to take some time and thank you for everything you have done for all us kids. Honestly we couldn’t have a better father and role model in our lives. I often am proud of my own accomplishment and I feel a since of pride in who I am becoming. I have many goals in life and I know that I can accomplish what I set my mind out to do.  I have learned that hard work pays off! Dad I know that I really don’t have myself to thank for these accomplishments as much as I do you, because you helped set the ground work. Back when I was living at home I know it looked like I was always trying to get out of work and I think I did pretty well at avoiding a good amount, but I still learned the value of hard work. I have learned how to set my mind to goals and working to accomplish them because you and mom have always encouraged me and supported me in them. You taught me how to find pride in my work and the things that I do. You have taught me the importance of self-control.  I know you have many things you wanted and still want and dreams that you would like to live, but you have constantly sacrificed your own personal desires for all of us kids! You have taught me how to live frugal and below my means, which I am so very grateful for. You asked me what gave me the desire to get good grades all of the sudden, I think I huge part is because I always can hear you telling me to get a good education and make lots of money.  Those lessons you have taught me motivate me to work hard and aspire higher. Thanks for always taking us camping and teaching us to love the outdoors. I am grateful that you taught us discipline; especially when it comes to video games and tv. I would way rather be outside riding a bike, playing basketball, fishing, hiking, camping, then sit behind some electronic device.  Thanks for instilling in us this love for the outdoors. You are the best dad ever! We kids have so much to thank you for! Also, dad thanks for always supporting me while playing basketball. I could always count on you to be at my basketball game! I loved having you there! Dad, I love you so much and I am so very grateful for you!
Love, Spencer

I cannot possibly describe in words how grateful I am to have you as a dad! You were everything I could have asked for as a father growing up. I am so grateful that you made us work outside growing up. Working with you, I believe, has made me a hard worker. One thing I loved most growing up was just chilling and spending time with you. Even if it was work; I still liked it :) There are so many things I admire and love about the person that you are and I hope someday that I can be more like you. I am sorry for the loss of Grandpa, but I wish I would have told him how grateful I am that he brought you to this world. I know that he is in a beautiful place now! 
I love you so very much! 
Love, Janae, Cody, and Emma 

First of all, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and everything that you do for me. You have always been such an amazing example of someone who is always willing to help others out and you are such a hard worker. I am so thankful for that because if you hadn't taught us to be hard workers than I don't know how I would be surviving right now. You have taught me to be the person that I always wanted to be and the person that I am still working to become, and for that I am grateful. I know things weren't always easy with me, but I appreciate you sticking to your ground and holding strong to what you believed in. Thank you for being who you are and for helping me to become who I am. I love you so much and hope that you have an awesome birthday! 

To Dad.
Happy Birthday dad!!!! You're the best dad ever, and I'm so lucky to have a you to look up to. Thanks for always being able to make me laugh even if I didn't want it sometimes. And teaching me to be a hard worker. Thanks for showing me the happiest way to live my life is by having the gospel in my life. Thanks for always being willing to help me when I need it. Thanks for going to work every day just to make sure we can live a comfortable life. You have sacrificed and done so much for me, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you and make sure you know how much I appreciate everything you do for me. I love you and I hope you have the best birthday yet!!! You definitely deserve an amazing birthday:) Again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  
Love, Melissa

Thank you so much for being such a hard worker and a great example to all of us.  You always do what's right (well almost always :) and I feel like nothing is too hard for you (except typing :) .  It's amazing that you can fix anything.  You are always willing to help when we need it.  Thank you for taking me on the Canada kayaking trip.  That was one of the best experiences of my life!  Also, thank you for taking us camping and being willing to go on my Scout trips.  You are a great example to me.
I love you,